Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Mall

I spent most of today shopping.

I started off by going to the gym with my cousins. Had a fairly decent chest workout. I saw a guy there who was just massive. He was like a caricature. I'd hate to be that big. At that size it'd be impossible to be known for anything other than your size. You'd always be introduced as '...and this is Chris, the bodybuilder.'

After that my cousins and I went to the mall. Purchased a new wallet, a new mouse, Portal 2, and some clothes from a store that was having a going out of business sale. I bought some fries and a smoothie from the food court.

Afterwards I was picked up by my father and we went shopping again. We went to the mall, then future shop, and finally chapters. In chapters I bought a coffee from Starbucks. A massive thunderstorm hit at that point, so we stayed in chapters for a little while.

After that we drove home, and I played portal 2 til 5am. Which is why I'm posting this at 3:30pm, as I've just woken up. Really got to work on that sleep schedule.